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Photo apps that come to the rescue in any situation

Sep 30, 2010

As an enthusiastic and experienced photographer, I am always looking for the next fun camera app for on the go whether its parties or just sharing the funny things I see on the train on the way to work.

Here are some apps that will make your day better, bring you a smile and hopefully the ones you share the resulting photos with also.


Camera 360

When your needs surpass those of the stock android photo app you should try this app
and you’ll probably realize you’ve been missing out on a lot. Camera 360 supplies all
the effects and enhancements that you would need. While including the traditional
effects and features such as black and white and grid mode, you can also have more fun
with effects like tilt-shift mode. If you feel like you still had to carry your point and shoot
think again. With this lovely app you will forget this is a phone too!


Adobe Photoshop Express

You just took a photo and its awesome. You need to share it right away on your twitter stream
but oh no, it’s tilted, or if you could crop it just a little it would be perfect, well that’s where
Adobe Photoshop Express comes in. Just open the photo with this app and you can quickly
do small edits and get the photo online before someone else does. Later when your home
you can do more detailed editing.


Vignette (deprecated)

Just made an amazing silhouette? Needs a perfect frame? Use Vignette. Vignette has
a bunch of cool effects that make your shot look super creative or super vintage for that
bit of nostalgia. It has amazing frames to make your pics stand out and give it the
edge it’s looking for.


PicSay – Photo Editor

PicSay is great when you take a photo of something completely outrageous and make it into
a mini comic. Add your own caption balloons, light sabres and with a little creativity you
can make a funny photo to share with friends. PicSay also allows for small photo corrections
like tint and saturation.


Andropan ManualStitcher

AndroPan is a great way to take amazing panoramas on your phone. It’s amazing the
views you can capture with a lens smaller than a dime. Don’t leave home without it.


Retro Camera

If you ever walked into a store and said wow I would love to take some photos with this vintage
camera. This app lets you take photos that will seem similar to photos taken with up to 5 nostalgic
cameras that you always wished you had. In your pocket whenever the moment arises.


3D Gallery

This is mostly for those who can’t get the native 3D gallery made by google. You can view your
photos in a cool 3D grid, giving you a bird’s-eye view of your photos. You can pinch to zoom
and make the pics your wallpaper from within in the app. You can also upload the photos in bulk
to picasa. All very much like the native google app, but a lot of phones dont’ bring it, don’t fear now
you can join in on the fun too.


Pixelpipe Upload & Post

Wow so you’ve done a lot already, you’ve taken photos of your dog, your kids, your pet tarantula, heck
even of yourself, in all different types of film and time periods and now its time to share the photo with friends.
If you have tons of social services like I do, you will appreciate Pixelpipe’s impressive ability to upload to all of them
at once. Pixelpipe supports up to 110 web services, so yours is for sure on there. There list is ever-growing so
if it’s not now, it might be tomorrow. Check it out and get rid of that headache.


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