Perception System

May 18, 2013

Here at Perception System, we have fervent team of mobile app developers, who are always in front to satisfy our valuable clients. We strongly believe in providing 100% quality and satisfied work to our clients so that they get their desired work on accurate time. You can also go through our recent successfully completed projects and got an idea about our developers’ expertise.

BeeRaider Keyboard

We believe that our Radial Keyboard design is the most logical, ergonomic and efficient keyboard design that there is. Wouldn’t you say that it looks good? The new Radial Keyboard was designed to be different.


Gyro Galaxy

You always wish someone to get you on your destination rather than struggling harder. Fortunately, “Gyro Galaxy” brings an amazing trip to lift you towards your goal beating the massive slopes behind.



To celebrate the efforts of all the mental health groups helping people and for May “Mental Health Month” M3 is happy to make this 4 star rated app available for free until June 1, 2014. Take Control of Your Mental Health


Tennis Coach

Everyone can use reminder tips while on the court. In the heat of tennis battle, everything you knew about your game and opponent somehow escapes your memory.



FaceQuiz is a simple yet full of fun just identifying names of various celebrities. You are shown a photo of an actor, a politician, a business tycoon, a singer/dancer or any famous person with few choices along with a hint if you are sent into trouble. You can also ask your friends on Facebook.


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