Paint on your phone

Jun 29, 2011

If you like using the paint programs on your computer, you will enjoy the paint to go apps on Droid.


Press menu to display and hide the sliding toolbar. Use pen for background color and then load, save and continue playing with other effects. If you want to start over just shake the phone and your drawing clears.


Multi Touch Painting Demo

Play with effects, colors and pictures. Then you can save your favorites. It’s another version of paint for your phone.


AndroPaint Lite

This app gives your the choice of brush styles and types. It allows you to draw shapes, add text, create wallpaper, share images and edit your creations in all sorts of ways.



This app gives you full multi-layer support, multi touch zooming and panning, photo Importing, and custom brushes



The MagicMarker app is a touch paint program that allows you to write and draw in neon colors on a black canvas.


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