Oooooo – pwetty! The best collections of paintings.

Jun 9, 2011

My parents dragged me to just about every art museum in the Western world as a child. I have come to appreciate painting as a great art form, and how cool to have some of the world’s great works available on my phone!

Famous Paintings

This app costs US$0.99 and has over 100 famous paintings by classic artists like Michaelangelo, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. You can zoom in to see detail, search, play games. Would be great if info on the artists was available – also would like to be able to set the paintings as wallpaper.


Renoir Live Wallpaper

This app has 30 paintings by Renoir that are changed every 100 seconds. Beautiful.


Claude Monet

This app has 100 famous paintings of Claude Monet. You can set all of them as wallpaper, get a detailed view of each painting, background info, slideshow, and also share the paintings via bluetooth, email, or FB.


Van Gogh Gallery

This app has over 800 paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. For each painting you can see the title, the location and year it was painted, and where the painting is displayed currently. You can also set the paintings as wallpaper on your phone. Recommend.


René Magritte

This free app as 100 paintings from the Belgian artis Rene Magritte. It also has a biography and other information about the artist, slide-show, sharing, and a detailed view of each painting with info. Recommend.


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