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Dec 22, 2016

While mobile devices often have limited storage capacity, trying to keep all entertainment on the mobile phone can be extremely difficult. Although the storage of mobile devices is constantly expanding, utilizing all of the memory on the phone to keep entertainment files poses several issues, including battery drainage and slower performance as more memory has to be dedicated to the files. With this, Younity is an ideal app that is available to cater to the mobile entertainment requirements of people in need. With the app, users can access their desktop files on demand instead of storing locally on their device.

With the ability to conveniently access documents, photos, music, and videos that are stored in a desktop computer, users of younity can save significant amounts of storage on their device. Rather than having to sync devices or transfer thousands of files, the app enables for the quick streaming of music and videos that are stored on the computer for hours at a time. What makes the app stand out significantly is its ability to access across different operating systems for users of both Windows and Apple. For Android users with iOS desktops, accessing files including the iTunes library is made possible through younity. Beyond just accessing having access to the files, the app further allows for the complete control of television and Bluetooth speakers as well as Chromecast. This provides users with the freedom to stream music from a desktop to any device that can product sounds.

What is younity?

younity’s desktop app allows you to access ALL of your files across ALL of your devices: https://getyounity.com/home-media-server. No need for manual configuration or uploading to the cloud. younity automatically finds, organizes, and presents your media on all of your devices with a sleek, and easy-to-use interface.

This streamlined process of accessing and projecting files can be applied to other media such as photo libraries and videos. For instance, younity can be used to share photos that are stored on computers directly to multiple social media networks from the app. With access to multiple computers from a single mobile device, users will not have to compromise the memory of their phones by downloading large documents but instead can still have access to the documents whenever they need it.  Upon opening the app, the simple-to-use interface allows users to download the documents that they require in a quick and seamless fashion, turning the complicated process of accessing files from multiple desktops to an intuitive procedure.

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A caveat to younity, however, is that it must be connected to the internet in order to the internet in order to utilize the services. Although this is limiting for those with slow connections on their mobile devices, this issue is prominent in competitor apps as well given that the connection is what allows the app to communicate to the desktop version. Furthermore, a minor drawback is that a desktop version of the app is also required in order for the mobile version of younity to be utilized, although again, this is a setback which exists with all apps that allow for desktop access from a mobile source.

Given that the app has nearly unlimited access to the files of the desktop computer, it is a common concern for people to mistrust the system given the increase in security threats. However, users do not have to worry about the security and privacy of their files as the app has been designed for significant protective measures, especially when the files are being streamed and hence the accessing of sensitive documents or files are guarded. With the growing issue of data overload becoming more prominent as the memory of devices are often limited and insufficient in allowing users to store all the files that they need, younity is one such app that alleviates this issue and allows for the on-demand access of any desktop file directly from the phone.

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