Office Depot Android app could become a staple for office managers

Apr 20, 2011

Order a lot of supplies from Office Depot? When you’re low on staples, paper clips, print cartridges and whiteboard markers the store’s mobile app makes ordering more of everything very easy.

The app works, basically, as an extension of the Office Depot mother site. Users can easily browse the store’s product by category (Office Supplies, Furniture, Technology and Ink Finder), read product reviews written by other customers, buy what you need, and track your shipments.

One thing this app does that the website doesn’t, however, is allow you to search by scanning a product’s barcode. If you’re looking to order a particular kind of pen, you don’t have to search page by page to find what you’re looking for. Using your phone’s camera, just scan the box they came in. You can also search using Google’s voice search software.

Office Depot App

Uploaded by Office Depot, Inc. on 2015-11-13.

Perhaps you’re more likely to wander into an Office Depot — you want to find the most comfortable cushy desk chair that’s available, which requires sitting in every single one available, for instance. No problem. Tap your phone’s menu button and then click “stores,” and you will be given a screen full of the details about the nearest Office Depot locations, including an in-app dialing option, hours, turn-by-turn directions and whether or not they have postal and TechDepot services available.

Office Depot’s mobile app has a “deals” option under the phone’s menu button, but I was a bit perplexed by this. There are listings of tons of different products sold by the company and what they cost, but there doesn’t seem to be any hint as to why any of these items are a “deal.” There are no before and after prices or “what this is usually worth” kind of labels.

If you have a supplies inventory to keep tabs on, this is an easy-to-use app that can help ensure that your employees never run out of what they need.

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