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Oct 9, 2010

So your in nyc and your walking around. These are some apps that you could definitely use in the moment for differente necessities and to find the next cool spot on your trip.

NYC Bus & Subway Maps

A good NYC subway map, with arrival times for all the trains at each stop. Also has a local map of the area, with nearby attractions. The maps are stored in your phone so you don’t need to download them every time to open the app, however a connection is required for the other features. Best to go online and get the info right before you get on the train to save you the headache. Once under you can look at the map and find your way manually if you don’t have service.



Google maps, gives you directions and street view of those directions. Also has nyc subway maps with information on stations, but great for directions and gps tracking, can also be used to look up nearby attractions.


Coffee Finder

sometimes you just gotta get a starbucks cup of joe. I’m not a coffee perfectionist so starbucks works for me and they have free wifi and you can charge your devices while you drink.



If you get tired of listening to all the craziness happening outside, then put on pandora and listen to radio that is customized towards your taste.


Time Out New York

A great way to find the good spots to eat and have fun.


CabSense NYC

Need a cab? Use this to see where the most cab activity is located and go there, stick out the taxi app and you’ll most likely catch one.



When you use cabsense to find the best spot for a cab, use this to actually hail a cab. It dsiplays a black and yellow blinking sign that is really bright and will let the cabs know you mean business.



Its famous for its reviews of all the cool spots in nyc. Use it , log on and rate all the places you go to. Also good to look up near by locations that got good reviews and avoid the ones with really bad reviews. Reviews also offer insight into what food they serve, for example, while many restaurants have the same menu, the way they prepare the food is different and the reviews might reflect the ingredients. It’s good to check out.


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