Not your usual music apps

Feb 18, 2011

For the music obsessed

Album Art Grabber

If you have the music you listen to on your phone then this app will be very enjoyable! This recognizes what music you have on you’re phone and will automatically search for the album cover. You have the option of choosing where you want to get the album art as well. There is also the option to ‘grab’. This will download the CD’s cover for all music that is listed. This is very convenient if you want to know which album a song is coming from, especially if you have many songs by one singer or band.


Ringtone Mp3

There is a list of different genres to pick under ‘Billboard’ from ranging from top 40s to Modern rock to Country. You can also search you’re favorite lesser known artists (and yes! Something is bound to come up). If you go back to the original home page, there are sections to view what you’re downloading, ringtones you’ve downloaded from the app. and all the music you have on your phone. It’s fun, handy and will most definitely waste a few hours of your time listening to all new ringtone prospects.


Lyric Search

This app is pretty self-explanatory. You can look up lyrics to a song anytime you want. You can find songs by typing the artist name, name of song or even some of the lyrics. When you hit search all the possibilities to what you are looking for come up. It’s a great thing to have when you have a song stuck in your head are going crazy because you can’t remember the next line.


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