NASA Android app still reaches for the stars

Jul 13, 2011

In a strange way, it’s a tribute to NASA personnel and support staff that Space Shuttle launches became routine over their 30-year span. They worked hard to make something inherently dangerous and courageous into an every-few-weeks-or-months event. The new official NASA App feels somewhat similar. The app itself is nothing special: It’s the content that’s amazing. NASA projects cover much more than the shuttle and you’ll see evidence of that inside the app.

The “Missions” button provides an alphabetical list of dozens of active and upcoming missions — from probes to satellites to the Hubble Space Telescope. Drill into each for photos, text descriptions and additional links.

You’ll find two “picture of the day” galleries — one from (IOTD) and one from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). The NASA TV stream lets you watch live video from NASA sites or missions, or you can watch archived shows in the Video section. An interesting series of tweets flows from many different NASA groups, informing you about both missions and space facts.

The app makes it easy to share any story or link you want over Twitter or Facebook or through email. If all this information makes you want to visit a NASA center, you’ll find a section that describes each site and where it is.

All in all, the app is great for anyone already interested in space science or astronomy, and it will enlighten everyone about NASA’s space missions.

Developer: NASA 
Price: Free
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