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Feb 1, 2011

I am currently dating a Russian space scientist. I keep saying he’s making my childhood cold war fantasies come true – and he keeps responding that the cold war is something Americans made up. Nonetheless – I want to be able to say cute things to him in Russian and these apps help.

x Russian Translator/Dictionar

I chose this free app because it’s incredibly simple to use. You need an internet connection to use it though. You speak to enter the English sentence and it says it back to you in Russian – you can also email or SMS the Russian translation. It’s English to Russian only, but foolproof.


Russian Keyboard

Basic Russian keyboard app. It has all the letters, works for basic use, and is intuitive. My Russian space scientist says that it is his favorite of the keyboard apps because the it works intuitively for both soft and hard keyboards.


PROGOROD navigator

This is an awesome free map/GPS app for Russia. It’s a car nav app with 90,000 cities and the maps are updated monthly. This app is in Russian. It has a really awesome 3D visual interface and you can d/l new maps from their website.


Russian – English SlovoEd

This is a free English/Russian dictionary. It has 99,425 words and some basic learning tools to memorize them with (word of the day). You can enter the English by speech or text, and it will read out the Russian with pronunciation.


Oxford Russian Dictionary

This is the comprehensive English/Russian Dictionary, and has the most words of any app (290,000 translations, as well as phrases) – but it’s US$19.95. It has very detailed entries that feature links to other terms – and lists of cognates and words that sound alike.


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