My Favorite Social Magazine Apps Part 2

Aug 2, 2012

Since I live on the go, I gotta get my news somewhere. I love that these apps also have a social sharing aspect. I posted my top 5 earlier, but needed to add 5 more!


Sort of your own customizable web magazine for your android. If you’re like me, you see an article somewhere you want to read but have no time, so you bookmark it, or keep the window open, or tell yourself you’ll remember. Never happens! With pocket you can just save those all in one spot.


LinkedIn Pulse

One of my favorite news aggregation apps available for android. The UI is awesome and I dig the mosaic effect of all the possible articles, along with a small blurb from the article to help me decide if it’s worth reading.



This app is for those who don’t want the bells and whistles and graphics on the web page. Instapaper allows you to save articles, but in text version. Really terrific for long articles.


Google Currents

Really cool app that brings together beautiful publisher editions of some great online magazines. Also reads and transforms some of my google rss feeds and daily blogs. Would like some social media integration to take it to next level.


The Social Magazine

If you’re a social networking junkie, this app freaking rocks. Pulls all the news stories from your social profiles like Facebook and Twitter into a digital magazine format. Not quite as good as Fiipbook, but close!


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