My Favorite New Years Eve Themes for Android – 2

Dec 30, 2011

I love Android because of how customizable and personalizable (is that a word?) it is. I also love New Years – so here are some of my favorite Android themes involving New Years.

2014 New Year Theme GoLauncher

This theme has cute and tasteful icon sets and an odd modern background with a magician sparking a “Happy New Years” message. Lots of pink, orange, yellow.


New Year 2012Theme GO Launcher

This theme has boring greenish icons on a a crimson background with a “2012 Happy New Year” message in white with snowflakes around it.


LC New Years Apex/Go/Nova

This is a nice, simple, tasteful New Years theme with all the icons sitting in champagne and martini glasses, and a black and blue background.


Into the New Year Theme

This theme is has a choice between a variety of purple backgrounds and icons (many say “toast” and “cheer” across the background”. Very fun, festive, and elegant!


New Year’s Ball Theme

This is a very cool theme with a choice of red and gold backgrounds and gold icons. All the screens say “Happy New Year” across the bottom. Fun, festive, well done!


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