My Favorite Games of 2011

Dec 9, 2011

While I don’t have a whole lot of time to play games, when I do, these are the ones I play.

Jelly Defense

In a sea of Android games this one is a gold fish! I cannot say enough good things about this app, from game play being solid to having a really cute and fun interface to having good music and sounds!



I really enjoy this game. It’s a cross between geeky and slot machines with cute robots that fire lasers (pew pew pew) at each other, how could you go wrong? The world has been taken over by robots and the humans are no longer alive. One group of robots are the good guys and of course the other (who strangely look like aliens to me) are evil.


Cut the Rope

Cute and fun game that uses your hands and your mind! You’re in charge of feeding a freakin’ adorable little monster named “Om Nom” and making sure his sweet tooth is happy.


Life is Crime

Life is Crime is a unique game of ruling the world around you (really!). Somehow it grabs the map data of where you are, and the businesses around you. You gain reputation and experience by robbing, delivering stolen good, trafficking drugs and robbing people. Oh and visiting your “mates.”


Zombie Village

I love love love this game! I played this game every day on my HTC EVO and I waited and checked and pined for it to be compatible with the tablet OS so that I could play it on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Finally it has arrived and I am in zombie killing heaven!



At first I thought Cordy would be like every other game I’ve seen for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 but I was so wrong!

Cordy is a cute robot that is tasked with making his way through an awesome puzzle world and powering all the pieces of it with electrical connectors.


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