My Favorite Cape Town Android Apps

Jun 9, 2011

I am planning a visit to South Africa and very excited about it. Here are some of the apps I am using to help plan my Cape Town adventure.

South Africa News

This free app has news from all the major English language news sites in South Africa. A great way to stay up on all the news in SA.


Cape Town NOMADA Maps

This is an offline set of maps for Cape Town costs $2.94. You can set favorites and also share via SMS, social networks and email. Maps and points of interest are downloadable for offline viewing.


TravelBook Cape Town

This app costs $2.11 and is a travel guide for Cape Town that you can download and use offline. It has a street map, wikipedia points of interest, search functions, and routing to help you get around. The labels are a little clunky and make it hard to see some of the maps.


Cape Town Photos

A collection of photos of Cape Town, South Africa that you can set as wallpaper or share with friends.


Capetown City Guide

A free travel guide for Cape Town that has activities and sites, tours, food and drink, nightlife, shopping,etc. Has transportation and city maps and it all works offline. Useful!


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