My Favorite Android Apps for Munich, Germany.

Jul 7, 2011

My ex-husband is German and his family is from Munich. I’ve spent a lot of time there and here are the apps I used to help me learn more about the city and get around.

Speak German Free

This free app is ad supported and contains the 100 most useful phrases you will need to know to travel Germany. Instead of learning all of the words and grammar in order to travel -just learn what you need to know in written form and audio. Sorted by categories (basics, emergency, travel, leisure, etc.) Works offline.


Munich Travel Guide – mTrip

This $5.99 app is a thorough travel guide for Munich including attractions, shopping, restaurants, bars and nightlife, hotels, and more. You can save favorites and share postcards via email and social networks. It can give you intelligent suggestions for travel and points of interest based on your interests and travel dates. Works with GPS, offline, and some areas of the guide work with augmented reality.


Munich Navigaia Travel Guide

This travel guide includes an interactive map of Munich and videos that cover 40 different attractions. Good for getting a real sense of a point of interest before you go there so that you can choose your plans wisely.


Offline Map Munich (München)

This $3.57 offline map of Munich also has a point of interest index which you can add your own points of interest to. Very useful!


Munich Travel Guide by Triposo

This free app is a travel guide for Munich including nice photos and info on sights, and mini guides for day trips. It also has an offline map, activities and shopping, nightlife, and all the other tourist goodies like hotels, lodging, and food. For a free app it’s pretty good.


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