My Favorite Android Apps for Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jun 29, 2011

I remember listening to A Prairie Home Companion and dreaming of the twin cities. I recently was fortunate enough to visit there! I fell in love with Minneapolis (likely because I visited during the summer) and the wonderful people I met there. Here are the apps I recommend to help you have a great visit there.

Minneapolis Local News

This app brings you news and updates from all of the major news sites in Minneapolis (TV, radio, and websites). Very comprehensive and very easy to use UI. Useful!


Minneapolis/St.Paul – Chat

This is a fun app that lets you chat with people in Minneapolis and St. Paul. There aren’t often that many people there, but I’ve met some locals and gotten some tips using it.


Mpls Skyway Tour

This app guides you through 21 historic stops that take you through downtown Minneapolis and the largest continuous skyways system in the world. In case you are unfortunate enough to visit Minneapolis during the winter – the skyway is the way to get your exercise without freezing! Uses an internet connection. A fun way to spend a day!


Counselor Realty – Home Search

IF you’re looking to buy a house in Minneapolis this app can help. You can search for homes for sale as well as use GPS to find homes in a specific area. It has homes from a lot of realtors listed and will link you to an agent or an office. Easy to use and works really well! Useful.


Metro Transit (MSP): AnyStop

This is a great app for getting transit schedules in both the Twin Cities on your phone. You can use GPS to find bus or rail stops near you. It’s difficult to search stops though, the interface is not intuitive.


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