My Favorite Android Apps for Columbus, Ohio

Jun 9, 2011

Columbus is not my favorite city, nor is Ohio my favorite state. These apps make it easier to handle. 🙂


This free app has all the news from NBC 4 – Columbus Ohio’s #1 news source. It has weather, sports, activities, and other local info. It works great for both local and national news.



This is a great info app for Columbus – sort of like a guidebook It has news, sports, events, restaurants, movies, ans more and has functions to let you make reservations or buy tickets for all of those. Useful!



This app has deals and coupons for many cities, including Columbus. Saves a lot of $, has deals that you actually would use visiting or living in Columbus.


Columbus Traffic Codes

This app has all of the traffic code violations for Columbus, Ohio. You can search by violation or by number. Useful!


Ohio Facts

This is a simple, free app with facts about the state of Ohio, both common and lesser known facts are included. You can share the facts with friends.


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