Must have apps to live in Boston

Feb 16, 2011

When I moved to Boston I wish I had known about these apps. Whether you live in the city or are just visiting, these are some great things to have at hand when you’re trying to decide what to do and where to go.

Boston Pads Apartment Finder

Whether you are moving to Boston or just want to new apartment, this is the application for you. You can “search nearby” if you like the neighborhood you are already in. Or, if you prefer you can do the “filtered search”. There you can narrow down your options by picking a location, price range and what you want in and around you’re new place of residence. You get access, to a description, photos and who to contact about the place you like.


MBTA: AnyStop

Whether you are in a rush to get your destination or if you want to see all your traveling options, AnyStop:MBTA is easy access to all T and buses line routes and schedules. If you use certain T/ Bus lines and stops often, you can “favorite” and save them so you don’t have to scroll and search for the schedules daily.


Boston Travel Guide

Boston Travel guide gives you suggestions about restaurants, nightlife, attractions, shopping, and even quick random facts about Boston. There is a map so you can see where everything is located too. When you click on your destination or location of preference, you get their website, history, reviews, and directions among other little tidbits. There is also an option to check out surrounding cities like (i.e. Cambridge and Somerville).


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