MSN Messenger Android app a battery killer

Sep 20, 2010

The free MSN (Windows Live) Messenger for Android app crams group chat, offline messaging, and landscape viewing support into a user-friendly interface that makes chatting with your online friends quick and easy.

You can even conduct several chat sessions at once and swipe between each.

That said, I did notice my battery life decline a bit during one extended chat session. The app tends to update in real-time, and is likely taxing my data connection.

Recent updates have addressed this issue to a degree, so this may very well just be in my head. (Let’s face it, my original DROID (A855) loves to drain the battery as fast as it can. Evo owners, consider yourselves lucky!)

Overall I found the app easy to set up; discovering contacts and their status was a breeze, and lag between sending and receiving messages was on par with the standard desktop experience.

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Tim McLain

Tim McLain is a freelance writer and an online marketing manager, helping serious researchers and students find and make use of the best online content found on the deep Web. His passion for all things computers/tech started when he was a teenager, working with his twin brother to set up a C64 BBS in their bedroom.

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