MovieFone Android app brings the big screen to the little one

Dec 2, 2010
TV and Movies

Competition creates great apps! I’ve tried a few movie-related Android applications, and each of them needed some significant improvement in overall user experience. Either the movie search results took too long or the trailers didn’t play properly or the app was too clunky in general. Good News: MovieFone must have learned from the competition, because the latest version of its app works very well, and provides fast, useful movie info on the go.

The tabs across the top provide quick access to all the info you need. “Movies” provides a list of shows currently playing that’s easily browsed. “Upcoming” displays the soon-to-be-released set. “Theaters” lets you drill down into what’s showing at your nearby multiplex. “Trailers” allows you to watch full versions of the latest previews. And, “News” presents an archive of movie blog posts, articles and contests created by MovieFone.

Navigating is fast and easy. Lists appear in seconds, and browsing through them works just like you would want. Movie trailers play seamlessly. I found myself watching several for upcoming shows I hadn’t heard about.

For location, you can use your phone’s current whereabouts or type in a ZIP code. Once you pick a theater, call, navigate there, or favorite it by tapping an icon. When you find a movie you like, read the synopsis, check the rating, or buy tickets so they are waiting for you when you arrive at the theater. The MovieFone app informs your movie-going experience with great info on the go. Download it.

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