Motorola Android tablet coming soon, and other industry news

Sep 16, 2010

Motorola is edging its way back into the mix with a growing line of Android smartphones.  We may be able to add a tablet to that list, as Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha confirmed that it’s hopping on the larger-screen bandwagon.

Speaking at a Deutsche Bank Technology conference in San Francisco this week, Jha gave a heads up on his desire for Motorola to build a “compelling” tablet on Android, hopefully early next year.  Jha also mentioned an upcoming lineup of more powerful Android smartphones, which would only increase Motorola’s relevance in the rapidly expanding market.

Any hesitation Jha demonstrated stems from the Android platform’s adolescence, having not yet reached a point of maturity to really support a tablet. Even with the hype around upcoming Android tablets, the fact that the Android Market cannot yet be included is a drawback for many developers and manufacturers.

Despite the downsides of Android’s platform, it still continues to grow.  A recent report from comScore shows Android gaining on competitors RIM and Apple, taking 12 percent of the mobile platform market in the U.S. Though RIM is losing ground to Apple in particular, itmaintained a 41.1 percent market share over Apple’s 25.1 percent.  The numbers are based on a 3-month average, spanning the end of April to the end of July.

With all that expansion, concern over Android’s open platform security remains an issue.  If you’d like to look at the silver lining, however, note the emergence of a new market for security app makers.  Even Verizon’s getting in it, with support for Good Technology’s security and management software.  Though Good Technology launched its Android tools late last year, they were unable to run on Verizon until now.

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