Motorcycle Race Apps

Jun 16, 2011

I am a Race Official for the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association in my other life and I am constantly trying to mesh my technical knowledge into my race weekend.

These are apps that I can’t wait to try out at the track and see how useful they really are.

Rain Alarm OSM (Legacy)

When you’re out racing it’s always handy to know when it’s about to rain. Get the debris flags ready and let people in the pits know it’s time to think about rain tires.
I have really high hopes for this app.


Sound Meter

At Pacific Raceways we have a noise ordinance limit for the motorcycles during certain hours.
I hope that the DB Meter on this app will allow me to quickly figure out if a motorcycle is under the DB limit.



While we have transponders it’s also kinda fun to sit out in our corner and do manual lap times for some of our racers. This app has a bunch of neat features including running in the background as well as lap times.


Fast Burst Camera Lite

This app takes a handful of pictures all at once. This will be handy for high speed motorcycle pictures. 🙂


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