Mobile Banking for All!

Sep 1, 2010

There was a time when managing your finances via your Android phone was a new and novel idea. Thankfully, those times are now gone and nearly every bank has an app that can access your banking info for your on the go.

Bank of America

This is the original app that started it all (and my favorite part of being a Bank of America customer). Even though their website is pretty gnarly and hard to navigate, the app is surprisingly slick and user friendly. If you use Bank of America, this may become your default way to access your account.


Wells Fargo Mobile

Hopping on the bandwagon is Wells Fargo. Better late than never I say, especially now that they also own Wachovia.


USAA Mobile

USAA has one of the best reputations as a financial institution and I can see why. Their app does it all and then some. Because they also do auto insurance, this app also has a built in accident checklist and access to your insurance info. Truly a one-stop-app for their customers. Well done.


Android Banking

This is a jack of all trades app. Though it’s not endorsed by any bank, it can manage services from several, including: American Express, BB&T, Chase and more. It’s a good alternative for people who’s bank have not yet embraced mobile banking.


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