MLS Match Day 2011 Android app delivers video highlights, scores and more

Mar 18, 2011

The first release of any app can make early adopters feel as if they’re beta testing an imperfect product. That’s certainly the case with MLS Match Day 2011, which seems to be a quick port of the iOS version with the live match-streaming capability removed.

Add in some random crashes when trying to select your favorite team as the default view, video rendered to fit an iPhone (not your Droid) and a huge download that can’t be moved to an SD card, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some pretty serious footie frustration.

That said, diehard Major League Soccer (MLS) fans will find overcoming these issues to be worth their time. The developer is actively working on fixes to many issues, and has promised that live-match viewing (for a fee of course) is coming in a future version.

Today, I recommend grabbing the app (after cleaning off some unused apps to make room internally), and using it in its default view mode. Club news, images, rosters (some fresh, others stale) and scores are easily accessed. No-cost video highlights are available within a few minutes of the end of each match, along with complete game roundups. Of course, there’s no missing the fact that live-match streaming is missing. For many, that alone will be a deal-breaker.

If you can live with poorly formatted video, live scores and textual play by play of every MLS game, and special video channels that sometimes play, and sometimes don’t, then this app will fill a void in your sports-loving world.

Here’s hoping the manifold issues with the app are fixed quickly, so soccer lovers can get back to doing what they do best — watching their favorite teams play real football from the comfort of their beloved Android devices!

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Tim McLain

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