Minerals and Gemstones!

Jan 28, 2012

Here are some apps to help you identify minerals and gemstones.

Crystal Guide Pocket Edition

This is only $1.99 for a limited time, that’s 25% off from the usual price. It’s got the full data and facts and science for hundreds of crystals, as well as their healing, spiritual, numerology, elixir, and chakra information. Comprehensive.


Mineral Clock deluxe

This is an amazing collection of clock faces for Android that appear to be made out of various minerals – with healing info about each of those. Includes 29 different clocks – including opal, diamond, tiger eye, moonstone, onyx, agate, and more.


Mineral photo search

This app contains the written info for “The Digital Mineral Picture Book” which contains over 4500 minerals. You can d/l the photos from another source.


Mineral crystallogram

This app lets you draw a mineral crystal. There are about 700 crystal data files built into this app. Amazing!


Mineral Picture Book(Trial)

This is also a version of “The Digital Mineral Picture Book” – this trial version contains about 200 minerals.


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