Meme me up, Scottie

Jul 13, 2012

I always wondered who was making all of these hilarious internet memes, and now I know! I love making my own, even though I think I’m funnier than I probably am. Anyway, if you fancy yourself a comedian, these apps will help!

Meme Generator Free

Really great meme generator here. Has all your favorites including Advice Dog, Business Cat, Philosopher Keanu and more. Also LOVE that you can add your own photos as well. Updates often … probably the best of the bunch.


Y U NO Guy

I’ll admit, this guy cracks me up every time. If you love Y U No Guy like I do, this is great. Very simple and easy to use.


Meme Viewer

If you enjoy memes but don’t necessarily want to create your own, get this random Meme Viewer. Great way to get some laughs when you’re killing time. Tag your favorites.


Memedroid – Memes & funny pics

This meme generator has it all. Extensive gallery, social sharing tools, filter memes by category, and SO much more. You really could get lost all day in this one.


Random Lolcat

Because sometimes, you just need LOL cats. All cats, all day, every day. This app pulls from a bunch of sources, like Derp, FailBook and more.


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