Magnificent Movie Apps for Android

Mar 30, 2012

A few short years ago we mainly used our phones to make actual phone calls. These days we’re more likely to be texting, playing games, or watching movies and TV shows on our digital devices. Here are some amazing movie and TV-related apps that will keep you endlessly entertained.


If you have an Android tablet or a newer phone with a large screen, this app is an absolute must. For $8 a month Netflix gives you instant access to tens of thousands of movies and TV shows. No brainer.


IMDb Movies & TV

This app can help you settle just about any bet involving TV or movie trivia. The amount of information at hand here is staggering. Need to remember who played the psychopathic killer in Don Siegel’s masterpiece Dirty Harry? You’ll find that tidbit here, along with millions of others. (The answer is Andy Robinson, btw.)


Fandango Movies

Heading out for a movie night? Fandango can help. Need to know which theater is showing your flick? Fandango to the rescue. Want to watch trailers and read user opinions about current films? Fandango has you covered. Want to buy tickets ahead of time? Yep, Fandango can help you do that, too.


Google Play Movies & TV

Tons of newer movies and older titles available for rent, many in HD. Definitely worth a look, especially if you’re not a Netflix subscriber.


TCM – Turner Classic Movies

If you’re a movie buff, you’re probably a fan of TCM, which plays hundreds of classic movies a month on their cable channel. This app offers trailers and tons of background information about thousands of older films. Definitely worth the $2 price of admission.


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