Mad Men

Apr 6, 2011

I recently got very into Mad Men. So what do you do when you like something? Yes, you wonder if there are apps relating to it on your phone. I know that’s not crazy at all right?

Jon Hamm SMS-N

This app is for you especially if you love Jon Hamm. Wait… who doesn’t love him? This app’s purpose is so you can have Jon Hamm show up all the time. Set up the settings so whenever you receive a text message a different picture pops up of him each time. I’m sure you will find it throughly entertaining.


Mad Men Job Interview

If you ever wanted to work in advertising this app would be fun for you. Basically the app starts by saying that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is hiring and you will be meeting everyone you love and hate on the show. You’ve got Peggy, Pete, Joan and most importantly Don. See what job you’re offered at the end of your interview!


Simple Search

Want information about shows you are watching (i.e. Mad Men)? This app gives you direct access to Google, Wikipedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Youtube, DuckDuckGo, IMDb, CNN. It’s an easy way to keep track of favorite shows and random information This app could get addictive!


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