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Oct 5, 2016

Driving home on the highway, listening to music and wishing for being somewhere else. If you know this feeling, Lyreka will be an excellent community for you to.

Lyreka is a limitless source of inspiration for music lovers. The small and simple Android app connects the music lovers of the world by allowing them to share their thoughts on music. In Lyreka users are able to post their interpretations of music lyrics, which is not only a nice way of self expression, but also a good way to awake the thoughts of others.

Lyreka has a collection of lyrics over 850,000 songs – and this alone is a great reason of having it on your Android phone. Knowing the lyrics and the interpretation of a song, for example, can help avoiding weird situations when one organizes an event. There are songs which we tend to misinterpret when knowing only the refrain. A beautiful, sad song selected for a farewell party can turn out to be a very embarrassing choice when you realize that there are a plenty of “sexy” allusions in them.

Reading each-others’ thoughts on a song can be very helpful when searching for a music for artistic purposes as well. With the help of the comment of the others, it is easy to find out what the real meaning of the song is, and one can make sure that the chosen piece fits well to their original purpose.

Lyreka – Song Lyrics and Interpretations

Lyreka is a community of music lovers who interpret and share their thoughts on music. Join thousands of user and learn the meaning behind your favorite songs. Website: Google Play: iTunes: Windows App:

You may think that reading Youtube comments would make this job, but Lyreka offers much more than this. Lyreka form a real community: users can not only post and react on each other’s content, but also can follow and can be followed by fellow members. With the help of this feature a great community of artists is created.

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Moreover, Lyreka offers the opportunity to create and individual profile for the users. It is possible to upload an avatar and give the most important details about yourself. However, this is not an open surface such as Youtube, where you have to make huge efforts to hide your real identity if you feel that your opinion is a sensitive thing to share in public. With Lyreca you can create a whole new digital identity, separately from your current digital foot-mark.

In addition to this, Lyreka has a very sophisticated searching function. Its engine enables the users to search on the fellow ones by profiles (there are about 40,000 of them). Besides, the program is able to search and view over 100.00 albums, including new releases. And, on the top of all, the software is able to search by image text recognition – so the only thing which needed is a photo of the text.

Lyreka, of course, will not change the world, but it is a nice and inspiring tool to use. The application provides points for the users to encourage them to be active, the community is nice and the interface is simple yet engaging; consequently, it is not an app which you are going to forget in a few days after downloading.

I would certainly recommend Lyreka, if you do not feel confident enough to start blogging, if you need inspiration in your everyday life or if you would like to practice sharing your opinion with others. Lyreka is also a good idea for artists, event organizers and even for those who need a support for their creative work. This is a nice, small Android app with strong features – certainly worth to have.

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