Live Wallpapers you need to check out

Sep 10, 2010

Apps and games are great, but not enough attention gets given to Live Wallpapers. If your phone supports this feature then you need to check out these ones. Incredible and detailed, kudos to the development teams that work so hard on these.

NOTE: Look up Galactic Core in the Market. For some reason it is not listed on appolicious but it is another amazing live wallpaper.

Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper

The lightning and lighting effects in this wallpaper make purchasing it worth the settings that come with it.


City at Night Live Wallpaper

A beautiful night silhouette that comes to life. The amount of settings is great and the wallpaper looks very real.


Coligma Plus Live Wallpaper

The HD lighting in these particles is excellent. A great amount of settings to tweak, but watch your battery use.


Digital Wall Live Wallpaper

It’s the Matrix on your phone. Bring those encrypted messages to your phone with a good amount of settings.


Earth Live Wallpaper

A very detailed live wallpaper bringing the world to your background. Great detail and good battery optimization.


Map Pack Earth Live Wallpaper

An insane amount of planets from popular science fiction movies in addition to our own solar system. One word, Cybertron!


Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper

The full version lets you tweak a good amount of settings but this live wallpaper looks so fluid and realistic.


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