Feb 23, 2011

We use light everyday if may different fashions. Why not see how many different ways it’s useful on a phone.

Baby Night Light

I find this app to be really cool and can’t help but wonder how effective it is on a little one. You have the option of having it run for different amounts of time that span from Forever to 5 minutes. You have the option of 10 different music settings and 6 different options under the color settings of which the lights change colors. It’s hard to tell it’s a night light when you first look at it but put it in a dark corner or turn off your lights for a second and you will see it come to life in a full fledged night light.


Color Flashlight

If you get distracted by shiny colors then this is the app for you. It’s a flashlight where you can pick it to be any color you want. You also have the choice of brightness and darkness for it. Another cool feature is that it can be animated and you can have noises coincide with the movement if you choose to.


Droidlight LED Flashlight

This is just your run of the mill regular old flashlight just located on a phone. It’s a great accessory to have whether you are walking around you’re apartment in the dark for one reason or another, looking for something in a dark corner or to just get around late at night. All you have to do is click on your app and the light shine nice and bright.


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