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Jun 12, 2013

I love taking photos and sharing with my friends around the world. I love looking up at the stars and want to know what I am looking at. I love to know about what I eat and work constatnly to maintain my fitness. These are the things I love…

Snap Camera HDR

Best, easiest, fastest and most intelligent camera and video app on the market


Sky Map

So easy to orientate yourself to the night sky and identify which stars you can see. Horizon line is awesome


Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

great when you want to know calorie values of what you are eating


Note Everything

I can’t remember everything so this is great for jotting things down when I am on the run.


Snap Camera HDR – Trial

Lovely to try before you buy – works fabulously when you are not hooked onto the net.


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