Kill some Time with these Android Apps

Jun 5, 2010

Ever waited in line at the grocery store or doctors office? Ease the pain of monotony and watch the time slip away with these Android apps.


Bubbles let’s you create bubbles on your screen with just a touch. Tap for a little bubble or press and hold for a larger bubble (but don’t let it get too big or it will burst!). Once bubbles are created they’ll float around the screen until they float away or until you pop them. I like running my finger across the screen and creating a whole bunch of bubbles to pop.


Newton’s Cradle

Just like a real Newton’s cradle, you can pull back a ball and see it’s effects on the other side. The most fun happens when you try to disrupt the system by pulling back opposing balls mid-swing. You can also use the accelerometer instead of the multi-touch.


Toss It

Throw a piece of paper into a trash can. But it’s so much more fun than it sounds. The game uses an awesome physics engine and throws in obstacles, like a fan that blows at different speeds, to throw off your trajectory.


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