Kill battery-draining apps with Advanced Task Manager

Sep 13, 2010

The free version of Advanced Task Manager for Android is a quick and easy way to kill a bunch of battery-draining apps in one fell swoop or do a mass uninstall of apps you no longer need or want. An ad-free version of the app is also available for the low, low price of 99 cents.

For beginners, the best way to describe this app is that it’s similar to the Task Manager on a Windows-based computer. The Advanced Task Manager app is designed as efficiently and as intuitively as a daily to-do calendar making it a must-have for Android owners. It’s basically an app for app management.

Advanced Task Manager Tutorial

Turorial of how to use Advanced Task Manager. 1.Kill selected apps, 2. Auto kill, 3. Ignore list, 4. One-tap kill widget

I rely on this app when I’m out on the town and my Android battery is going to die soon and I have no access to a charger. It’s a handy way to shut down background processes like Facebook, Twitter and Wordfued notifications in order to save some battery juice without shuffling through menus to get the individual settings to close each app down. I tend to open and close apps frequently, so I never know what apps are or are not running in the background on my Droid X, making this app my battery lifesaver.

Overall, this app is a cheap way to effectively manage your Android phone’s app consumption to save battery life and speed up a sluggish phone.

Advanced Task Manager
Price: Free
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