Keeping your iTunes & Android Synced

Jun 17, 2010

I hate having to carry more than 1 device around. Luckily there are Android apps out there that can sync up all of our music and videos to our phones, even for us iTunes users. Install these apps and don’t let iPhone users brag about having their media libraries with them at all times. (Plus Android users have mircoSD slots, so we can carry more ;p)

doubleTwist Music Player, Sync

doubleTwist offers a great sync product (including awesome automatic video file conversion to the appropriate formats), but it’s also a great replacement for the standard Android media player app. Sync all your media plus organize and listen to it all in one place.



TunesSync let’s you copy iTunes music to your SD card, without even connecting your phone to the PC. Type in your computer name and sync away all over your wifi connection. And all you need to do is sync once because the device will keep your media up to date by running in the background every time it comes in contact with your wireless network.


iSyncr for iTunes (legacy)

iSyncr is a two-part app: 1 app on the phone, and one on your PC/Mac (there are 2 versions). Once both apps are installed, the app will allow you to choose which playlists to sync to the phone (helpful for those of us with 50+ gigs of music).


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