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Oct 14, 2010

I like to cook. Yes I’m a guy and a Gadget Geek. So put two together and you get this list. I like to know what im going to make and how I’m going to make it and then get all the ingredients quick and easy.

Epicurious Recipe App

Probably the go to recipe app for the countless people I know and righteously so. With 28,000 recipes you are bound to find something. The app has a kitchen mode that helps you recreate the recipe step by step. Very easy to read and elegant app. Also available on the Iphone.


BigOven: 350,000+ Recipes

Guess what though, if you don’t like epicurious recipes
how about trying of the 170,000 available in this app. Free
No more weird green sauce from that last trip around the world? No problem, with this app, you can match the ingredients you have left with the recipes in the database with the handy wizard which does the searching for you. Free.



Ok, this should help some of the more troubled cookers out there. You know, just about everyone who comes home and goes through the crazies to find out what to cook. It’ll relate to your troubles and help you find what you want to eat while helping with your anger management at the same time. Who said cooking has to be always with a smile was sorely mistaken.


Grocery iQ

Hell yea, this app is great for making your next shopping list. You can type, say, or scan the barcode of the items you want to buy. The app also steps ahead to show you the coupons and deals available for that particular item. Developed by Free. Iphone compatible.


Our Groceries Shopping List

We work better in groups. That’s why I love this groceries app. This will keep the grocery list in sync between the web and multiple phones. Take your family with you grocery shopping and you’ll have all the items picked in no time. When someone knocks an item off the list the change is propagated across all devices. Free.

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Usually I would use this for spices and such. The supermarket around me overprices these way to often. I can easily scan the barcode of the one I want and see if its available cheaper online. It has a history for next time you come around and want to pick up that forgotten item. Free.



You can keep photos of the food, recipe, grocery list, all stored away for next time. You never know when its going to dissappear of your favorite app. Springpad keeps everything synced between the web and phone.



Usually I find recipes that were created for feasts. 6 – 12 servings or more. Instead of doing all the math in your head, you can use this app to get the right portions for that tasty recipe.


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