Keep Track of Your Family

Sep 30, 2011

GPS location tracking is a useful tool and has been used for years through service providers. Now the Android OS has launched devs into building some wonderful apps to keep track of your family. Here are a few of the top ones.

Family Locator

One of the winners of the Google Android Developer Challenge. This app brings more functionality than you can shake a stick at AND works on non-smartphone devices!


TrackMe – Personal GPS Tracker

GPS information is fed from your phone to a website URL that you share with your friends and family. Reverse geocoding allows your friend / family to get a physical address of where you are in case you need help. One of the neat features with this app is that your phone can receive a text message to start and stop this service. Great for lost kids and cell phones.


Watch Over Me – The Safety App

If you’re out running and it’s getting late, or if you feel unsafe this app allows you to register a “please watch over me” event that triggers your pre-setup contacts and your device to keep a close eye on what’s going on. This app also allows you to take a quick picture or record a message. Amazing piece of programming. Great for kids, and adults. Especially for that independent woman who does things alone.


Family GPS Tracker

Great little tracker for locating your family members. Will also show you the sex offenders in your area.


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