Keep on Tickin’ – Stay Efficient and Productive With TickTick, a Powerful To-Do List and Task Management App

Dec 1, 2016

The busier your life, the more crucial it is to have an Android application capable of managing your tasks in an efficient and easy-to-comprehend way. The ideal to-do list and task management tool delivers the highest level of user-friendliness, has a minimalistic, easy-on-the-eyes design, and facilitates simplification instead of further complicating matters with all its features. The majority of to-do list and task management apps for Android are based on the same concept and share a plethora of similarities. But every once in a while, you can come across an application that not only molds all the positive qualities of other to-do list and task management apps into one multifaceted tool, but stands out from the crowd by bringing something unique to the table – which is exactly what TickTick does.

With its sleek and easy-on-the-eyes design, TickTick aces the first precondition of an excellent to-do list and task management app. From calendars through checklists to reminders, each and every design element is a testament to functional minimalism, giving a significant boost to TickTick’s user experience and ensuring that you’ll have no trouble navigating and organizing your to-do lists and reminders. TickTick comes equipped with a selection of customizable themes, so if you’re not satisfied with its basic blue color scheme, you can fine-tune it according to your own taste.

Ideally, a to-do and task management app does everything in its powers to save you time, which is another item that TickTick effortlessly checks off the list. With TickTick, you can set up flexible recurring tasks so that you don’t have to bother with typing in the details of a weekly meeting again and again. You can even add tags to tasks, thus ensuring that you don’t have to sift through dozens of to-be-done items to find what you’re looking for, which comes especially handy in the case of projects with multiple contributors.

Speaking of sharing, it is only natural that you can share task lists and immediately add further tasks via email if, say, something urgent comes up in the project that you and your colleagues are working on or if you need to add a new item to the grocery list you share with your roommates or your family. Thanks to TickTick’s checklists, you can easily track the progress of any project, and sync your account across multiple devices to guarantee that you are always up-to-date.

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As if that weren’t enough, you can upload all sorts of attachments to tasks to make it crystal clear what needs to be done or to see the fruits that your team’s efforts bore, and integrate TickTack with your preferred Android calendar application. Consequently, TickTack lets you set up time reminders – but that is only expected, and we’re more on the lookout for the unexpected, which comes in the form of location-based reminders. Based on how urgent they are, you can assign four priority levels to reminders, and sort them by name, order, date, and of course priority.

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Despite its features galore and complexity, TickTack is a free app, but offers a Pro version tailor-made for those with a heavier workload and those eager to take advantage of the app’s more advanced features such as calendar integration, filtered task searching, custom smart lists, and list and task activity. TickTack’s Pro subscription costs $2.79 per month (adding up to $27.99 per year), so if you’d like to take it for a test drive, it will definitely not crush your budget.

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