Job Interview helpers for recent graduates

May 26, 2011

I have worked many jobs – and as a contractor my interview skills are kept hones. Here’s some apps I like for job interview assistance.

Job Interview Q&A

This is a basic list of job interview questions. While by no means complete – it is still essential to have answers to these questions. Better to think of them beforehand.


Job Interview Prep

This app costs US$2.99 and is a flash card app that preps you for job interview questions. It’s not bad, but I’m not sure worth the money. Still a good idea to practice flash card style and the questions are essential.


Job interview Questions

This is a free list of job interview questions. Good to have these mastered, but by no means complete.


Quick Start Job Guide

This app is US$1.37 and has some great tips about job hunting and interviewing, as well as preparing resumes, cover letters, and applications. A good basic primer.


Student Interview Guide

This app costs US$1.02 and is a basic guide to landing your first job out of school. It helps you narrow your focus, guides you through the process of searching and submitting paperwork, and prepares you for the interview.


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