Jingle Bells!

Dec 17, 2011

Get into the holidays with these Jingle Bells themed apps!

Jingle Bells

This app teaches you to play a verse of jingle bells. There are five colored Christmas balls hanging fro a branch and when you touch them they make the tone. They will lead you through the tune. Cute!


Jingle Bell 2012

This is a wallpaper that says “Merry Christmas” at the top on a snowy background with a big gold bell that you can ring by touching and shaking your phone.


Jingle Bells Ringtone

Here is a Jingle Bells ringtone, quality.


Whistling Jingle Bells Tone

This ringtone is of someone whistling the Jingle Bells song. Nice – something a little different – a new take on an old classic.


Multiple Bell Ringer

This app allows you to make bell sounds by shaking your phone. A nice companion to caroling!


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