Imported From Detroit

Mar 24, 2011

I visited Detroit about 8 years ago and stayed with people who knew the city well. I saw even more of it when I visited again recently using these apps!

Detroit Local News

This free app has Detroit news from over a dozen major and local sources – includes weather and sports. Easy UI, nice app.


Detroit Restaurant Week

If you are in Detroit during restaurant week this is a must-have app. During restaurant week restaurants give 3 course meals at a discount – this app has all the details on the participating locations including menus and prices and the ability to make reservations.


Detroit Zoo

I love the Detroit Zoo – this app is US$1.99 which is about right considering the proceeds benefit conservation. It has photos and videos and schedules and a map as well as updated info on the exhibits.


Detroit Limo

This very simple free app lets you make limo requests for the Detroit area. You enter your info, number of passengers, etc – and the app gets you a limo.


FOX 2 News

This is the local Fox 2 News app for Detroit. News, weather, and more – also has headline news.


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