IBM Smarter Planet

Jan 13, 2011

I lead social media at IBM Global Business Services, the business consulting part of the company, and have developed the first two Android apps from IBM. The first is focused on the company’s world-changing Smarter Planet initiative, and the second is on The Social Business… the evolution of the organization in the era of pervasive social computing and analytics

Smarter Planet | IBM


The Social Business | IBM


Google Goggles

The app the truly defines how the digital and physical worlds are converging to create a smarter planet


Google Reader

As someone who lives and works on my Droid, Reader is one of my key productivity tools. A must for people who want to thrive in The Social Business


Evernote – stay organized.

Not just an amazing service, but a leading example of the power of cloud computing and collaborative innovation. I use Evernote on my Droid, laptop and other computers.


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