I like Money. Top 5 budget management apps.

Aug 17, 2011

I am kind of out of control about everything and I need to put some reigns on my money situation. I’m using these apps to help me stick to a budget and manage my money for the first time in my life – and it’s making a difference. Amazing!

Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

This app helps you manage your budget. It automatically syncs 2 or more phones plus the web – and saves the info on EEBA site so you never lose your budget data. My favorite part about the app is that it learns common transactions by GPS so that when you are there it suggests them in a widget. Makes it really easy to actually use it.


Mint Bills: Bill Pay & Money

This free app tracks all of your money and bills. It gives reminders, and lets you track things like mobile minutes and credit card spending for a detailed and easy way to see where your money is going.


NodEcon-Budget & Expenses

If you are better at looking at your expenses in a graphical form – this is the app for you. You can create your own categories and calculate your budget then see your spending graphed over time and other stats/graphs.


EZ Money Manager

This app is a money manager with built in expense tracker, bill notifications, checkbook register, and budget planner.. Rich UI, lots of features like a widget for expense tracking, bill notification, and graphs to help you track spending (and much more). Recommend.


Droid Wallet – Money Manager

I like the look of this budget app the most of all, it has pretty, saturated colors, easy to read categories, and nice-looking graphs. Has all the great budget management features and allows you to create your own categories and backup info. Also supports multiple currencies. Recommend.


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