How to Turn Your Google Phone Into a Yahoo! Phone

Apr 28, 2010

To celebrate the partnership between Appolicious and Yahoo!, here are some applications you can use to get your phone powered up by everyone’s favorite portal. Get all of your Yahoo! services right on the Android handset!

eNotify Yahoo

eNotify brings all of the functionality of the native Gmail app to your phone for Yahoo! Mail . Send and receive email from your Yahoo! email account, complete with push alerts to the Android status bar.


Hi Yahoo

A very complete and robust Yahoo! Messenger client. Includes a lot of the customization of the full Yahoo! Messenger client, including support for different fonts and and all of Y!M emoticons, and winks.


Yahoo News Widget

Use this widget to get Yahoo! News alerts directly to your home screen. Looks great, even though it’s just a widget. A dedicated app, complete with search and categories would be appreciated.


Yahoo Q&A

Yahoo Questions & Answers is both a great way to crowd source questions, and a hilarious way to kill some extra time. Use this app on the go to post your legitimate questions or as a way to get a good laugh when you’ve got some time to kill. The best of both worlds!


Yahoo Meme, Post & Upload

Meme is Yahoo!’s tumblr-esque, microblogging service. Pixelpipe is my favorite way to share media across multiple sites and now they’ve developed an app especially for Yahoo! Meme. Upload links, text, pictures and video effortlessly to your Yahoo! Meme account.


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