How To Get Through March Madness With Some Sanity Intact

Mar 5, 2011

Selection Sunday is just a week away, so madness is in the air. If you can’t can’t stop thinking about the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament, here are five apps that’ll help you stay on top of things.


Aside from the obvious (sports=ESPN), the ScoreCenter app is a lifesaver because it allows you to select a favorite team and then provides you with all the important info– when they’re playing, whom they’re playing, and (during the game) how they’re playing. Even if you can’t find a TV in time, at least you’ll know what’s happening.



Provides you with a pretty good constant stream of news and analysis on both college and pro basketball. Helpful if you want to stay up to date on more than just the scores.


College Basketball AP Poll

This is a simple app that does just one thing, but does it well: keeps you filled in on the AP Poll’s team rankings, updated each week after the latest poll. You can see stats on up to the top twenty-five teams.



This app lets you take your tournament bracket with you everywhere, so you can check your standing in your pool at any time. Especially good for the more obsessed fans.


BetBud – sports bet tracker

Just in case you decide to make March Madness a little more interesting, the BetBud app will help you keep track of each game’s results, your subsequent winnings (or losses), and your bankroll.


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