Hottest Female Celebrity Wallpapers

Feb 26, 2011

We all know what the internet was made for and here are simply some photo/paparazzi collections of a few celebrity supermodels/actresses.

Jessica Alba wallpapers & pics

ever since Dark Angel, I’ve been a huge fan of Jessica Alba. I like how this app gives you a grid overview of thumbnails and then you can choose which one you want to enlarge and possibly set as your background


Megan Fox wallpapers & picture

RaWR! What a fox! Former model and actress, Megan Fox is such a sex bomb! Gric overview collection of pics. a bit slow, but great selection of pics!


Beyonce Knowles WallPapers III

Beyonce. She’s hot. Of all the different collections, I like how this one scrolls easily and just one-button click to set as a wallpaper


Halle Berry background picture

Actress, fashion model, and beauty queen.. *shudder* Halle Berry is hot and this is a sensual collection of pics arranged in a grid-view. (a bit slow though, IMHO)


Lady Gaga wallpapers &pictures

If Michael Jackson was the self-proclaimed “King of Pop”, then Lady Gaga definitely takes her place on the throne as Queen. C’mon, who else dares to strut around in an outfit made completely out of meat!?!


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