Here are the best voice recognition apps for android

Jul 9, 2012

From productivity helpers to music discovery apps, there are a lot of cool apps with voice recognition. I’ve used a bunch and these are the ones I like the best, and use the most.


Basically Android answer to Siri, Evi works in much the same way. Just ask a question and Evi answers! Seems to have more personality than Siri, and sync to calendars and tasks would be awesome.


Dragon Go!

Wow, just discovered this one and love it! Another answer to Siri, but this is more integrated with the web, i.e. movie times, travel planning, etc. Works really well and great voice recognition. Again, would love to have it sync with text, calendar, contacts etc. on my phone.



More of a “music recognition” app than a voice app, but still one of my favorite free apps! Great for at a bar or coffee shop and you don’t know a song. Just record it and shazam id’s it, then you can tag it, buy it, watch a music vid or share it. Very cool.


Voice Wiki

A really useful app for avid wikipedia users. Operates on voice navigation and also reads back the pages to you. Great if you’re on the bus and need to do some quick research!


AIVC (Alice) – Pro Version

There is a free version of this app that you may want to try out before the pro version, but I like the pro better. Mostly because along with controlling other functions on my phone, the pro allows me to access calendar and play music. Also … no ads!


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