Heavy Hitting Android Apps for MMA Fanatics

Jun 23, 2010

Like most 18-34 year old males, I’m filled with testosterone and looking for an outlet. Enter MMA, the fastest growing sport in the world. Evolving from the early days of No Holds Barred cagefighting, MMA is now a legit sport with rules, regulations and star athletes. Here are the apps I use to keep up with the movement.

iTrack MMA

The amount of MMA events has grown exponentially as the sport continues to get more and more popular. The UFC alone plans to put on over 30 shows this year, whereas just 3 years about we were lucky to get six. This app tracks upcoming events from all the MMA leagues, including Strikeforce and Japan’s DREAM organization. It also contains a fighter database to keep up with stats and records of your favorite, or new favorite fighter.


MMA Underground

The Underground forums have been the go-to place for MMA for YEARS, way before TUF brought the sport into the mainstream. This app provides a great interface to the forums as well as delivering all the latest news right to your handset.


MMA Subs Vol. 3

MMA subs provides volumes of how to videos for the fight enthusiast. Each $5.99 download contains 20 detailed videos, broken down into step-by-step instructions on techniques. The developer also offers other videos in different series including Gi techniques and Judo throws. Learn the moves of your favorite fighter right from your phone.


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