Halloween Live Wallpapers 3

Oct 29, 2011

Here’s a list of some of my favorite Live Wallpapers for Halloween!

Happy Halloween Live Wallpaper

Just a simple, sparkly pumpkin with “Happy Halloween” written above, sitting on a dark background with glittering specks.


Snowy Halloween Live Wallpaper

A glowing pumpkin sits outside in the dark, moonlight landscape. Snow falls from the sky! You can change the speed.


Haunted Halloween Live Wallpap

A simple Happy Halloween message – it sort of looks like a greeting card. Candy Corn at the bottom and there are lightning strikes and sparkles.


Grim Halloween Live Wallpaper

Spooky gothic LWP featuring the grim reaper! There is scary scuttling movements in the background.


Jolly Halloween Live Wallpaper

This Halloween themed LWP features a scarecrow/witch with a pumpkin head smoking a corncob pipe (the smoke is sparkly and moves). The text says “Wishing you a jolly Halloween!”


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