Great Wallpaper Apps for Beginners

Jul 12, 2012

Here are some very cool wallpaper apps for beginners. From beautiful to funny to interactive, these are great for personalizing your android.

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

A really neat wallpaper app for tropical fish lovers. Totally feels like an aquarium in the palm of your hands. Easy to install and looks great.


Family Guy Live Wallpaper

If you love Family Guy, this is a must have! So much fun and interactive, great for when you’re trying to kill some time and need a laugh.


Earth Live Wallpaper

Awesome for space lovers. You can really feel the weightlessness of being in outer space, and love that you can choose between different planets. A little secret, you can also pick the Death Star.


City at Night Live Wallpaper

This app works really well, and the long exposure city sequence is mesmerizing. Very detailed as well, with traffic going off in the distance, clouds in the sky and airplanes going by.


The Avengers Live Wallpaper

The geek in me loves this one. Great visuals of Hulk, Thor, Iron Man et al, but there are also cool audio integration.


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